War Tax Redirection In the Face of Yet Another War

As Ukraine joins the many nations around the world being devastated by war, the People’s Life Fund invites you to join us as we redirect resisted war taxes to local efforts that counterbalance the harms of the war economy. It will be an uplifting evening that will highlight the possibility of what is possible when our resources and efforts are devoted to peace and justice.

While we love holding our annual potluck and event in person, we will again celebrate our Tax Day event on Zoom as a precaution against COVID exposure.

People’s Life Fund War Tax Redirection Granting Ceremony!
Thursday April 14, 2022  from 6:00 to 7:30 PM PDT, virtual
Please email nowartax@riseup.net for the Zoom link and password.

The People’s Life Fund is excited to give grants of $2,000-$5,000 each to fifteen exceptional Bay Area groups offering critical services in Northern California communities.  We welcome you to attend our virtual Granting Ceremony, where a spokesperson from each of these groups will receive the grant and tell us about their mission and their work.

Those of us who challenge our national spending priorities lament the fact that the health, housing and social services so desperately needed in this time of global crisis have been depleted over the years because so much of our taxes are devoted to militarism and war. As we struggle to address the magnitude of the Coronavirus epidemic, along with so many other health disparities here and around the world, we also know that the crisis of climate chaos deepens every day, and urgently needs to be addressed. The US military is the single largest driver of climate change.

women at produce stand young woman painting mural Medicinal herbs in jars Street mural at Chevron refinery Incarcerated men loading bundles of newspapers

We are proud to support the following groups with our 2022 war tax redirection:

Self Help People’s Hunger Program

Northridge Cooperative Homes – Youth Garden Program

Mt. Diablo Rising Tide

Tri-Valley CAREs (Communities Against a Radioactive Environment)

Radio B’alam – Mayan Voices / East Bay Sanctuary Covenant)

California Poor People’s Campaign Bay Area

Climate Justice Arts Project

Friends of San Quentin News

Nevada County Harm Reduction Coalition – Mobile Distribution Project

Needle Wagon

People of Color Sustainable Housing Network

Soul Food Shack/The Village in Oakland

We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For – Arm The Girls Femme Defense

Alliance of South Asians Taking Action

Arab Youth Public Art Project/Art Forces

Humans of San Quentin

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