Contributing to the People’s Life Fund

To provide for a wide range of needs, the People’s Life Fund (PLF) welcomes contributions of resisted war taxes in three categories:

  1. Category A – Earmarked: People earmark their contribution for a group of their choice, and make a check out to that group. The PLF forwards the check with an accompanying letter stating that the contribution is from war tax resistance money. None of the money in Category A actually stays with the PLF, but channeling it through the Fund enables the tax resister/donor to make a political statement showing that their contribution is part of an organized effort.
  2. Category B – Strings Attached: People who resist paying their taxes realize that the Internal Revenue Service has a collection procedure and that the IRS may claim the owed amount through levies on salaries or bank accounts, or, rarely, by seizure of property. Faced with this possibility, the PLF allows tax resisters to “deposit” resisted taxes in Category B. This money is returned to the contributor upon request — after collection by the IRS, or if collection is imminent, or to pay legal fees. In the meantime, the interest from these deposits is placed in Category C.
  3. Category C – Give Away: This is a granting fund consisting of outright contributions of resisted taxes or other money, as well as interest from all PLF deposits. PLF members meet annually to give away the money in category C. An amount not to exceed 15% of category C is granted at these meetings to support the work of war tax resistance, both locally and nationally.

Your Support

If we all placed the money we didn’t give to the military in locally administered funds like the PLF, we could help create models for a future in which people would regain control of our common institutions and effectively end our complicity in government programs we believe to be detrimental to the Earth and living things. We invite you to join us in this work.