2024 Grant Cycle is Now Accepting Proposals!

The People’s Life Fund looks forward to redirecting resisted war taxes to projects based in Northern California in our 2024 granting cycle. We offer grants to groups that are providing essential day-to-day human services which the government is not adequately furnishing, and/or addressing the root causes of a problem by engaging in education or action, in the spirit of nonviolence, aimed at social, economic or political change.

Preference will be given to groups that challenge privilege and injustice and are led by the same constituencies that are being served. We are giving special priority to groups that are working in the areas of Youth, Economic and Racial Justice, Environmental Sustainability, Resisting US involvement in wars of aggression, and/or addressing the Housing Crisis.

The deadline for the 2024 granting cycle is 5 pm, Friday, February 23, 2024.
The maximum grant award is $5,000.
Please spread the word that applications are welcome! 2024 PLF Application Form

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